Barge Master is a leading company in the field of motion compensation systems for the offshore industry. Its systems increase the safety and workability of offshore lifting, construction and crew transfer operations by eliminating vessel motions. This enables to work with floating vessels in larger wave heights, solving the offshore industry's biggest problem: waiting on weather. Project lead times are reduced and planning becomes more reliable, this reduces project costs by a factor 200-300%.

Barge Master develops, supplies and operates motion compensated cranes, platforms, gangways and custom built solutions. Barge Master's systems are deployed worldwide in service of energy majors, offshore contractors, maritime service providers, dredging companies, shipyards and salvage companies.

Barge Master employs a team of highly skilled and talented people. Their in-depth knowledge of motion compensation technology has resulted in a range of products that are unique, innovative, high performance and reliable.

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Barge Master’s motion compensation systems have been used in multiple projects around the world. The projects have a wide range of application in many different sectors of the offshore industry. The systems have been used for offshore crane operations, a bridge installation in the Philippines, service and maintenance of gas platforms, the construction of offshore wind parks, for supply operations, safe crew transfer and logistic solution for offshore farm maintenance.


By eliminating vessel motions Barge Master ensures safe and cost effective lifting and supply operations in offshore conditions. The motion compensation systems increase workability and reduce costs significantly. Typical applications range from small platform installations and modifications to maintenance operations at offshore wind farms and oil & gas facilities.

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