WHITE PAPER: "Feeding the Beast" - Optimising the Supply Chain for Offshore Wind Installation

05 December 2022

Last week at the OEEC in Amsterdam, HoTai Energy Consult presented its new white paper, “Feeding the Beast”. In this white paper, different solutions to improve the efficiency of the offshore wind supply chain are being evaluated.

The supply chain will have to become more cost and time efficient, to achieve the global ambitions for offshore wind as an alternative to fossil energy. Using the US east coast offshore wind market as a test case, the transportation of components by way of a feeder vessel instead of a wind turbine installation ship proves to be an attractive and viable alternative. Feeder solutions save money during construction (decreasing the LCoE of the project) and reduce the execution risk of the project – even though the transfer of components at sea adds a new aspect to the chain. The keys to success are effective motion compensation at deck level and heave compensation in the hook of the installation crane.

In an animated interview with OEEC’s moderator Rogier Elshout, Hans Simons of HoTai addresses the highlights of the analysis.


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