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Motion compensated gangways are the preferred way for safe and efficient crew transfer in offshore operations. For instance on Walk to Work vessels used for the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms and oil & gas platforms. Marine access through a gangway is more efficient, more reliable and safer than helicopter flights.

The high performance Barge Master & Bosch Rexroth Gangway (BM-Gangway) is fit for purpose. It uses active motion compensation to land on any kind of offshore facility, without the need for a modified landing area. Its modular design lets you to choose the configuration that's best for your project.

The BM-Gangway 3.0 compensates vessel motions up to a significant wave height (Hs) of 3 meter. This allows the gangway to be placed at any deck location and height. For even more functionality other modules are available, for instance a 1.000kg integrated motion compensated lifting winch. It can also be fitted on a pedestal with integrated elevator, making it possible to land on any height and have a continuous workflow.

By combining the gangway with a BM-T40 motion compensated crane on one vessel, the hydraulic power unit, motion sensors, operators, spare parts and maintenance services can be shared, leading to lower overall costs. The systems function as a backup of each other as well: the gangway is able to lift cargo and the crane is able to transfer people.




The Barge Master Gangway is developed in close collaboration with our partner Bosch Rexroth, the drive and control company. Therefore it is of the highest standard, combining Barge Masters's motion compensation knowledge with the drive and control knowledge of Bosch Rexroth. The gangway is DNV-GL certified.


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Gangway 3.0
DNV 2.22

Gangway length

20 m +/- 5 m
Allowable luffing angles
  -personnel transfer-23° to +23°
  -lifting0° to 40°
Wind speed20 m/s
Wave HeightHs = 0 – 3.0 m
FootprintØ 1.8 m pedestal
Weight27 mT


Cargo Transfer:
3D compensated lifting winch2.000 kg
Stepless trolley transfer800 kg
Cargo basket150 kg
Hose provision for grout or chemicals


(The exact workability depends on specific vessel motions. Barge Master delivers a tailored workability analysis upfront, as part of our service packages.)


Main dimension BM-Gangway


The BM-Gangway 3.0 compensates vessel motions in significant wave heights (Hs) up to 3m by actively telescoping, luffing and slewing the gangway. Resulting in an average workability of at least 85% throughout the year.

For increased performance a motion compensated pedestal is added, the BM-Gangway 4.5, with motion compensation capabilities of up to Hs = 4.5m. This also allows the gangway to be placed at any deck location and height, e.g. the aft of the vessel, while maintaining significant performance. Whatever is best for your project.

The mentioned performance numbers depend on vessel, ocean conditions and work method specifics. Barge Master has inhouse software to make a detailed workability analysis for your project. This results in an advice which configuration to use in order to meet the project requirements.

Typical workability of BM-Gangway 3.0 at the North Sea


High performance: key features of the Barge Master Gangway
  • Active motion compensated gangway configured to your needs thanks to a modular design
  • High performance up to a significant wave height of 4.5m
  • Able to land on any offshore facility without modification of the landing area
  • Barge Master's high quality values and “fail operational” philosophy as standard
  • Redundancy of critical components by default, such as motion reference units and controls
  • Easy to operate by a single operator. Barge Master provides certified operators, or operator training
  • Compact design with small footprint and fast mobilization
  • Light weight design results in low power consumption

The Barge Master Gangway can be configured for any purpose, since every project is unique in location, vessel and on-board logistics. For this reason the gangway is built up in various modules, with a choice of foundation, bridge, cargo and power modules. Barge Master sales engineers help you choose the configuration that's best for your project.

Fit for purpose: available modules
  • Integrated motion compensated lifting winch with SWL of 1.000 kg and patented onboard lifting mode, for direct cargo transfer independent of size and location
  • Height adjustable pedestal, for large variation in landing heights and/or tidal range
  • Fixed pedestal, in various heights. Thanks to the standard pedestal design the gangway can be placed at any height.
  • Stairs and walkways, for continuous access
  • 150kg cargo basket at the tip of the gangway
  • Hose provisions, e.g. for grouting or chemicals
  • Hydraulic power units, available for sales or rental, with the option to be shared with a BM-T40 motion compensated crane
BM-Gangway 3.0 with integrated lifting winch

Sales & Rental

The Barge Master Gangway is available for sale or can be rented. The system can be integrated into a new vessel or rapidly mobilized on an existing vessel.

Barge Master delivers expert services to guarantee reliable performance. Services include workability analysis, operator training and service level agreements.

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