Barge Master contributes to the Successful First Feeder Operation for Vineyard Wind 1 Project in Collaboration with FOSS Maritime, Seaqualize, GE and DEME Offshore US

20 October 2023

The successful first feeder operation was accomplished in partnership with FOSS Offshore Wind, Seaqualize, GE and DEME Offshore US.

Barge Master’s cutting-edge motion compensation platforms played a pivotal role in maintaining the stability and safety of the tower sections for the GE Haliade X turbines. These platforms compensate the vessel motions ensuring that the tower sections remain steady throughout the lifting process. Together with Seaqualize’s heave compensation tool, which compensates for the vertical movements, both technologies combined result in a seamless and safe lifting operation, additionally increasing the weather window significantly.

This milestone not only advances the Vineyard Wind 1 project but also underscores Barge Master’s commitment to promoting U.S. content and collaboration within the industry.

"We are extremely proud of our team's exceptional performance in delivering a successful feeder operation for the Vineyard Wind 1 project," said Martijn Koppert, CEO of Barge Master. "This achievement showcases our expertise in motion compensation solutions and highlights the value of our collaboration with DEME and strong U.S. parties like FOSS. Together, we are contributing to the development of clean energy in the United States."

For this project Barge Master developed the ‘Heavy Feeder’ system, to compensate for the weight and height of the immense GE Haliade X Tower sections. This system can compensate weights of up to 1500 tons in sea states of Hs 2,5 m. The hydraulic cylinders and drive and control of the system were delivered by Van Halteren Technologies. TWD was responsible for all detailed engineering of the platforms and foundations.

The Vineyard Wind 1 project, located off the coast of Massachusetts, is not only the first commercial-sized US wind farm but also a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and meeting clean energy goals. The Wind farm will consist of 62 GE Haliade X turbines, delivering clean energy to 400.000 homes. Barge Master is honoured to be part of this landmark project, supporting the growth of renewable energy in the United States.




About Barge Master:
Barge Master is a leading provider of motion compensation solutions for the offshore energy industry. Our innovative technology enhances safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in offshore operations, making us a trusted partner for projects worldwide.


About DEME Offshore US
DEME Offshore US is a US company based in Boston – Massachusetts, a fast-growing company specialized in offshore wind construction works. DEME Offshore US will source the installation vessels and experts from DEME Offshore a member of the DEME Group. DEME Group, a world leader in the specialised fields of dredging, solutions for the offshore energy industry, infra marine and environmental works. The company can build on more than 140 years of know-how and is a front runner in innovation and new technologies. DEME’s vision is to work towards a sustainable future by offering solutions for global challenges: a rising sea level, a growing population, reduction of CO2 emissions, polluted rivers and soils and the scarcity of natural resources. DEME can rely on 5,500 highly skilled professionals and a modern fleet of over 100 vessels.


About GE:
GE Renewable Energy is one of the world's leading wind turbine suppliers, with over 49,000 units installed and generating wind electricity across the globe. Their portfolio of wind energy solutions includes a suite of onshore and offshore turbines, flexible support services ranging from development assistance to digital optimization, operations and maintenance, and the latest in wind power technology to upgrade your fleet.


About FOSS Offshore Wind:
Foss Offshore Wind, a Saltchuk Marine division founded in 2020, provides on- and offshore services to North America’s emerging wind energy sector. In addition to its transportation services, Foss is completing construction of the New Bedford Foss Marine Terminal, a 27-acre property with berth facilities for a range of vessels including crew transfer vessels, service operation vessels and Foss tugs and barges.


About Seaqualize
Seaqualize is a young Dutch offshore tool development company, which builds and rents out Balanced Heave Compensation (BHC) tools, which can be placed in any standard heavy lift crane hook: The Heave Chief. It offers full vertical position and load control (Active Heave Compensation or “AHC”) over delicate heavy loads. They can hold heavy loads still during floating to floating lifts, quick lift them from deck to prevent re-hits or gradually introduce loads to minimize harmful dynamic loading. By using the Seaqualize tooling, any standard heavy lift crane can be upgraded, to facilitate safe and controlled lifts.



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