Bridge installation - BM-T700

09 February 2015


Boskalis - Shell

Bridge installation

South China Sea 


The Barge Master system has been used during the first half of 2015 for the installation of a permanent bridge between a newly installed depletion compression platform (DCP) and an existing shallow water gas production platform (SWP) in the Malampaya field (Phillipines).

The Malampaya project has been executed by Boskalis for Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. and comprises the installation of an offshore depletion compression platform at the Malampaya gas field, in the Republic of the Philippines. The new multi-purpose construction DP2 vessel Ndeavor plays a pivotal role in this project. During phase 3 the Barge Master system has been placed on the Ndeavor. The permanent bridge which has been installed between the two platforms was loaded onto the Barge Master platform and sailed out to the project location. Once on site, the bridge was stabilized by the Barge Master in order to be lifted off safely by four temporarily installed lifting arrangements.

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