Multi-purpose motion compensated platform - BM-T700

BM-T700 spec sheet

The Barge Master Platform (BM-T700) can be installed on any vessel to serve as a motion compensated working base. Equipment such as cranes, excavators and drilling configurations can be placed on the platform to eliminate the effect of vessel motions, making it possible to operate the machinery with the same precision as onshore.
By compensating the motions of your vessel, the platform effectively turns your deck space into a perfectly stable working area. As a result the operations can continue even in adverse weather, enabling you to stay on top of the execution and timeframe.

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The Barge Master Platform can be applied to perform a host of offshore operations, such as

  • ·         Well intervention & workover
  • ·         Service and maintenance of oil and gas platforms
  • ·         Construction and maintenance of offshore wind parks
  • ·         Platform supply operations
  • ·         Installation of small modules and connection/piping bridges.
  • ·         Supply of WTG components for the installation of an offshore wind farm.
  • ·         Crane operations; for example the recovery of cargo in a  salvage operation.
  • ·         Drilling; for example the drilling of a mooring foundation for a FPSO.
  • ·         Piling; for example the foundation piles for an LNG jetty.
  • ·         Floating subsea excavation and survey

Flexible and cost-effective alternative for jack-up or tender barge

The Barge Master Motion Compensated Platform is the perfect alternative for jack-up rigs which are expensive to mobilize, hard to maneuver and limited by water depth and soil conditions. The platform is fully modular and can be installed on your own vessel, making it possible to carry out the operations from a floating position, independent of soil or weather conditions. As an added benefit it is also highly maneuverable.

The platform also provides a safe alternative or addition to (semisubmersible) tender barges with offshore crane which are limited by wave height, and cause unsafe working conditions. With the Barge Master Platform you can be assured of safe and controlled operations.


The BM-T700 is a modular platform with a payload capacity of 700 mT, or it can accommodate for a crane with an average capacity of 160 mT at 12 meters radius. The BM-T700 platform compensates waves up to significant wave height of 2.5 meters. The BM-T700 platform and foundations consist of containerized units, which can be assembled  within 10 working days.

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Motion compensated platform BM-T700 3D motion compensated pile drilling Subsea survey & excavation Platform testing at the North Sea The making of BM-T700 Crane operation Supply operation


Crane capacity160 mT at 12 m
Platform payload capacity      700 mT
Wave heightHs 0 - 2.5 m
Wave period4 - 18 s

Heave, roll and pitch motions


Onboard lifting functionality
Footprint dimensions            
Foundation18.3 x 15.1 m         
Control room and HPU 12 x 2.5 m
Platform working area12 x 12 m
Platform and foundation        270 mT                
Control room and HPU63 mT
The complete Barge Master can be shipped in
standard sized containers




The workability of (crane) barges and supply vessels in offshore lifting operations will increase significantly with the use of the BM-T700, as depicted in the right figure on this page. The figure shows the simplified overview of wave distribution spread over the whole year. Where the white area indicates the workability without the BM-T700, the grey area indicates the increased workability of a typical lifting operation. 

The BM-T700 increases the safety and workability up to significant wave height of 2.5 meters, which leads to significant reduction of project costs, while the project planning can be met. 


The Barge Master measures vessel motions and actively compensated roll, pitch and heave by means of three hydraulic cylinders. The surge, sway and yaw of the vessel can be constrained by using a dynamic positioning or a traditional anchor system. The controller measures the motions of the vessel using motion reference units. The cylinders are controlled by means of velocity feed-forward and position feedback. Redundancy is applied to the critical components assuring safe motion compensated offshore lifting.

The graph below illustrates the effect of the compensation over a period of 5 hours on the North Sea. The measured residual motions are 14 mm in the heave direction, 0.05 degrees in roll and 0.02 degrees in pitch.

5 hour compensation example

Sales & Rental

The BM-T700 can be rented or purchased. The system functions as a multifunctional platform for numerous applications as it is capable of both supporting equipment and supplying a load. Only the Barge Master needs to be mobilized to form a motion compensated crane barge. Standard barges and cranes can be sourced locally. Since the entire system is fully containerized mobilization costs are kept to a minimum. 

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