Motion Compensation Systems

By eliminating vessel motions Barge Master ensures safe and cost effective lifting operations in offshore conditions. Our motion compensation systems increase workability and reduce costs significantly. Typical applications range from small platform installations and modifications to maintenance works at offshore wind farms and oil & gas facilities.

Barge Master measures vessel motions and actively compensates one translation (heave) and two rotations (roll and pitch) by means of three hydraulic cylinders. The translations (surge and sway) and one rotation (yaw) of the vessel or barge can be constrained by using a dynamic positioning or a traditional anchor system. The BM-MCH (Motion Compensated Helideck) also compensates the translation ‘sway’ as the rolling movement of the ship has more effect on the platform at such a high position on the ship. Barge Master technology can be applied to compensate any motion of a vessel and ensures that the platform is kept in an earth fixed steady position.








Barge Master