Testing of the second BM-T700 motion compensated platform

17 November 2015

As the fabrication of the second Barge Master T700 motion compensation platform has been completed, we are currently commissioning a test setup for their second BM-T700 motion compensation platform. As of November 2015, all the separate assemblies are individually tested. Thorough testing of the combination of these assemblies is performed in December 2015 and January 2016. The system will be ready for deployment by February of 2016. We are very pleased to expand our fleet with this new piece of equipment.

The platform enables safe motion compensated lifting and supply of modules and equipment like well workover units. The active motion compensation eliminates vessel motions and therefore reduces the time required for waiting on weather, realizing significant cost savings. Besides that, it ensures predictable installation periods and creates a safe and low risk operation.

With the new BM-T700 available soon, the two BM-T700 systems can also be used in parallel. This doubles the payload capacity to 1400 mT, allowing for even more applications in the Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind, Marine Salvage and Heavy Civil industries.

Read more about the BM-T700 here

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