Malampaya gets a lift

08 September 2015

In the Project review: Malampaya article Russell McCulley, editor of Upstream Technology magazine, talks to Shell about the logistical challenges of its landmark project. Malampaya gets a lift describes how Barge Master supported the installation of the 150-tonne, 43-metre permanent piping bridge between the existing production platform and the new depletion compression platform in the Malampaya field. The bridge was loaded onto the Barge Master T700 (BM-T700) motion compensation platform on the deck of Boskalis’ construction vessel Ndeavor. Once on site, the bridge motions were eliminated by the BM-T700 in order to be lifted off safely by four temporarily installed lifting arrangements. Click on the cover page to read the full article.

Read more about the BM-T700 here

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