Barge Master's motion compensation used for critical Malampaya installation

04 June 2015

Capelle a/d IJssel, the Netherlands – Using its BM-T700 motion compensation platform, Barge Master successfully supported the installation of the permanent connection bridge (151mT, 42.5x3.5x3.5m) for the Shell Malampaya production platform in the Philippines. Barge Master was contracted by Boskalis to perform this delicate task. The motion compensation platform significantly increased the reliability and predictability of this critical operation by eliminating roll, pitch and heave motions of the vessel on its load. 

The BM-T700 is a modular motion compensation platform with a payload capacity of 700 mT, also able to accommodate for a crane with an average capacity of 160 mT at 12 meters radius. The platform compensates waves up to significant wave height of 2.5 meters. It consists of containerized units, which can easily be transported and be assembled within 10 working days. The triangular shaped platform is not moving relative to the fixed world, in order to increase the safety and workability of various offshore operations.

For this project the Barge Master system was used for the installation of a permanent bridge between a newly installed depletion compression platform (DCP) and an existing gas producing shallow water platform (SWP) in the Malampaya field. The project is executed by Boskalis for Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. and comprises the installation of an offshore depletion compression platform at the Malampaya gas field, in the Republic of the Philippines. The new multi-purpose construction DP2 vessel Ndeavor plays a pivotal role in this project. During phase 3 the Barge Master system was placed on the aft of the Ndeavor. The permanent bridge was loaded onto the Barge Master platform and sailed out to the project location. Once on site, the bridge was stabilized by the Barge Master in order to be lifted off safely by four temporarily installed lifting arrangements.

More information about the Barge Master T700 is found here.

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