Barge Master nominated for the OSJ “Innovation of the Year” award

31 January 2018

For the second year in a row, Barge Master has been nominated for an Offshore Support Journal (OSJ) award 2018. This year Barge Master’s 3D Motion Compensated Platform, the BM-T700, has been nominated for the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award. This annual prize goes to an innovative product, system or service that has made a significant impact on the design, build and operational aspects of offshore support vessels in service during 2017.

Barge Master’s BM-T700 Platform was nominated for its ground-breaking Motion Compensation System used in combination with a drill rig. This new 3D compensated drill rig was deployed by Boskalis to carry out subsea drilling from a floating barge. The unique capacities of the platform made it possible to continue operations safely through adverse weather and with great precision.

In addition, Vroon’s offshore support vessel VOS Start, equipped with a Barge Master and Bosch Rexroth Next Generation Gangway has been nominated for the OSJ ‘Offshore Renewables’ award. Last year, this ‘Offshore Renewables’ s nomination went to Barge Master’s Next Generation Gangway.

3D motion compensated drilling operation

Boskalis used the 3D compensated drill rig for a wind turbine installation project. Large water depths, challenging soil conditions and an environmentally sensitive seabed made a floating solution the preferred option for the drilling operation. A team of engineers from Boskalis, DDC and Barge Master developed a modular set up for this delicate subsea drilling job. The modular solution consisted of a standard barge outfitted with a Barge Masters T700 motion compensation platform. The stabilized platform accommodated a drill rig, extended over the aft of the barge, and a crawler crane. The entire setup was mobilized within 2 weeks. Watch a movie of the project here.

By compensating the 3D motions of the barge the drill rig operations continued throughout the winter irrespective of waves and swell. The 70mT weighing drill bit was precisely lowered and positioned by the 3D compensated crawler crane, swing of the drill and drill pipe were completely eliminated. The motion compensated drilling platform and subsea drill made this 24/7 non-stop drilling operation very cost-efficient and above all safe!

The floating drill setup shows huge potential for other offshore applications, most of all well intervention and provides a powerful and cost-effective alternative to jack-up platforms.

This setup can be used globally for offshore well intervention, making it a game changer compared to other solutions that are very expensive, not always possible to use in deep water conditions, and much slower to transport.

The platform can be mobilized on any barge or vessel, local equipment can be placed on top and the operation can start, anywhere.

Next Generation Gangway on the VOS Start

The first Next Generation Gangway is in use on the VOS Start since the beginning of August 2017. The gangway is installed on a height adjustable pedestal, making it possible to have horizontal landings up to 22 m. and a total working range from 9 – 27 m. above LAT.
An elevator in the pedestal makes it possible to have continuous access to the transferdeck of the gangway, also during operation. A cargo trolley can transport up to 400 kg over the gangway, or a remote controlled trolley up to 800 kg.

MHI Vestas was very satisfied with the performance of the vessel and our gangway solution, resulting in a second contract to support the commissioning phase of the Borkum Riffgrund II offshore wind park from Spring 2018.

The Next Generation Gangway is built in partnership with Bosch Rexroth, the drive and control company. The gangway system offers continuous access while in operation, highly increasing the cycle time. The gangway is installed on a height adjustable pedestal, making horizontal landing possible and therefore also cargo transport by trolley.

The system can be equipped with a lifting winch for motion compensated lifting. At the moment a rental system is being build which will be available in May 2018.

OSJ Conference, Awards & Exhibition

The annual Offshore Support Journal Conference, Awards & Exhibition is held on the 7th and 8th of February in London. It is one of the largest international conferences for the offshore support industry, with hundreds of visitors.


More information about the BM-T700 motion compensated platform

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