Barge Master incorporated in Niestern Sander's newest vessel

25 September 2013

Barge Master has received a Letter of Award from Niestern Sander bv for employment of the T40 Barge Master motion compensated crane on their new Walk-to-Work vessel, to be built for Wagenborg. The vessel including the Barge Master system will be ready in the first quarter of 2015. NAM will use the motion compensated crane to service and maintain gas production platforms in the North Sea.

Oil & Gas platforms have become smaller and more flexible during the last forty years. They no longer have a resident crew or helicopter pads which means frequent journeys to and from the platform by ship in order to perform maintenance work.  With the new Walk-to Work Vessel these operations can be executed in a safer, more efficient and effective manner.  The Vessel is unique because multiple functions are combined for the first time.  The vessel can accommodate 20 crewmembers and 40 service technicians, chemicals can be stored and transferred safely, and thanks to the T40 Barge Master system materials can be transferred during wave heights of up to 3 meters.  Through utilizing new technology, NAM is able to safely continue harvesting gas on the North Sea.

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