Barge Master Gangway nominated for Offshore Renewables Award

14 December 2016

The Barge Master Gangway is nominated for the Offshore Renewables Award at the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference, Awards & Exhibition 2017. The award is granted to a company, project or product that has made a significant contribution to the development of the offshore renewables market during 2016.
The Annual Offshore Support Journal Awards will take place on the evening of February 8th 2017 in London. The OSJ award is considered a ‘real badge of quality’ and an industry recognition of exceptional achievements. The winner of the award is chosen by the Offshore Support Journal readers and other interested parties.

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The nomination of the BM-gangway  is another proof of Barge Master’s engineering excellence and contribution to the offshore renewables market.  The next generation walk to work flow changes the way of offshore operations. The BM-Gangway features a high performance Bosch Rexroth drive & control system.

Previous nomination of Barge Master for the Offshore Energy Innovation Award:

The Barge Master T40 motion compensated crane was nominated for the Offshore Energy Innovation award at the Offshore Energy exhibition in Amsterdam , earlier this year. Although Barge Master did not win the award, the jury was very praiseful about the BM-T40 :
“The world’s first three-dimensional (3D) motion compensated crane. Barge Master says it is a game changer, but this is also acknowledged by the clients and OTC 2016. Enabling a new way of working, making offshore operations more safe, efficient and cost effective. Solving one of the biggest problems, waiting on weather. Compensating roll, pitch and heave, giving steady loads without swinging. All ensuring a more safe, efficient and reliable modus.
These 3D / 6 DOF motion compensating systems are definitely the future of the offshore industry. Using this concept in loading and offloading of offshore goods in difficult conditions can improve the time and sea-state of the operation. The jury considers this a truly innovative approach to offshore lifting, with substantial cost and safety impact. The innovation takes the principles of heave compensation to new 3D heights, with great impact on many offshore operations in terms of cost efficiency and safety. The jury expects that this innovation will contribute greatly to the offshore industry.”
Barge Master is very proud for this recognition by such a respectable jury.

The Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference, Awards & Exhibition 2017 will be held on the 8th and 9th of February in London.  

More information about the motion compensated BM-Gangway

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