Barge Master awarded with a contract to provide a BM-T700 for Equinor

14 July 2020

Barge Master has received a contract by Equinor for the use of Barge Master’s motion compensated platform, the BM-T700. The platform will be used as a safe and stable feeder base for a coiled tubing REEL. By using the BM-T700 platform, Equinor is able to perform the operation safely and efficient by increasing the lifting weather window by compensating the vessels motions.

This project is a great validation of the feeder application of the BM-T700 platform that help’s offshore operations to become safer and more efficient.

The Barge Master motion compensated platform has the capacity to stabilize 700 tons, of either equipment or cargo, up to Hs 2.5 meters. The system is completely containerized and can be mobilized easily on any barge or vessel, to serve as a stable working base.



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