700T Load Testing Successful

15 November 2012

We are proud to announce that the S700/C400 Barge Master has successfully completed the 700T load testing. We are now in preparations for the crane operation trials, using a Liebherr LR1250.

The Barge Master is now available for hire, including or excluding the fully equipped pontoon.

Main particulars Barge Master pontoon:

      • Platform payload capacity of 700Mt
      • Motion compensation up to Hs 2.0 meter
      • Maximum cylinder stroke 2.5 meter
      • Wave periods 4 to 18 seconds
      • Barge Size: 80 x 24 x 5 meter
      • 4 x 60mT winches
      • Crane: Liebherr LR1250
      • Lloyds certification 

If  you have any questions or wish to receive rental prices for the Barge Master or the fully equipped pontoon please contact us.

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