Barge Master offers products with a broad range of applications. Essentially all marine operations can be conducted safer, quicker and and at a lower cost when using a Barge Master. Compared to existing offshore lifting equipment, such as jack-up and crane barges, Barge Master has the following main advantages:

  • Increased safety and workability - reduced cost
  • Access to area's with large water depths
  • Higher maneuverability (no jack up-jack down times)
  • Operation independent of soil conditions
  • Flexible solution by using standard vessels, barges and cranes


The image below illustrates a few of the many solutions Barge Master is providing.

  • Offshore Wind 
    Construction and maintenance of wind turbines.
  • Heavy Civil
    Installation and maintenance of bridges and jetties. Development of harbors.
  • Marine Salvage
    Cargo salvage and wreck removal.

Typical applications:

Barge Master