Motion Compensated deep sea drilling

Large Diameter Drilling (LDD) and Barge Master have combined their expertise to complete a World first: drilling operations from a diving support and construction vessel (DSCV) in water depths in excess of 270m. By integrating LDD’s reverse circulation LD2500 drill rig with Barge Master’s motion... Read more

Motion Compensated subsea Survey & Excavation

In the first half of 2017 the 3D motion compensated platform BM-T700 was used for subsea excavation in the North Sea by Belgium. The platform was equipped with an excavator also containing subsea survey sensors. Because a quick start was needed all the engineering and the mobilization was done in... Read more

3D motion compensated pile drilling

Barge Master provided a new solution for subsea drilling from a floating barge. Something that has never been done before and not been possible without Barge Masters 3D motion compensation platform. Read more

Servicing NAM/Shell gas production platforms - BM-T40

The Barge Master motion compensated knuckle boom crane is installed on the new Wagenborg Walk-to-Work vessel, the Kroonborg, designed and built by Royal Niestern Sander. The vessel and Barge Master system have been delivered in February 2015. Read more

Bridge installation - BM-T700

The Barge Master system has been used during the first half of 2015 for the installation of a permanent bridge between a newly installed depletion compression platform (DCP) and an existing shallow water gas production platform (SWP) in the Malampaya field (Phillipines). Read more

Supply operation - BM-T700

GeoSea NV and Barge Master BV signed a cooperation agreement for the deployment of the first BM-T700 Barge Master platform. The offshore supply operation took place in the concession zone of the future wind farm, Rentel, in the Belgian North Sea and encompassed an offshore supply operation... Read more

Crane operation - BM-T700

Various operations were performed at the North Sea using a Liebherr LR1250 crawler crane installed on the BM-T700 platform. The crane was placed onto the Barge Master in one single lift, sea fastened, and tested with a counterweight. Subsequently, the pontoon with the Barge Master was taken to the... Read more

Maximum payload operation - BM-T700

Various tests were performed at the North Sea using a variety of payloads, including a 200 mT and a 700 mT weight. The first load was placed onto the Barge Master and taken to the North Sea where the system was switched "on", allowing it to compensate the sea induced motions of the barge and keep... Read more
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