3D motion compensated pile drilling

21 March 2017

BM-T700 motion compensated platform


Motion compensated pile drilling

Baltic Sea



Barge Master provided a new solution for subsea drilling from a floating barge. Something that has never been done before and not been possible without Barge Masters 3D motion compensation platform. The new 3D compensated drill rig has been used recently for WTG  foundation installation by Boskalis.

Large water depths, challenging soil conditions and an environmentally sensitive seabed made a floating solution the preferred option for the drilling operation. A team of engineers from Boskalis, DDC and Barge Master developed a modular set up for this delicate subsea drilling job. The modular solution consists of a standard barge outfitted with a Barge Masters T700 motion compensation platform. The stabilized platform accommodates a drill rig, extended over the aft of the barge, and a crawler crane. The entire setup was mobilized within 2 weeks.

High precision, robust and safe offshore operations

By compensating the 3D motions of the barge the drill rig operations could continue throughout the winter irrespective of waves and swell. The 70mT weighing drill bit was precisely lowered and positioned by the 3D compensated crawler crane, swing of the drill and drill pipe were completely eliminated. The motion compensated drilling platform and sub sea drill made this 24/7 non-stop drilling operation very cost efficient and above all safe!

“This operation is a perfect example of the maturity that motion compensation technology has reached. Our systems can operate  24/7 non-stop without a single hitch”, Martijn Koppert, CEO of Barge Master.

One of many applications showing the added value of the BM-T700 motion compensation platform

The successful execution of this project once again shows the added value and versatility of Barge Master’s motion compensation systems. Other applications of the BM-T700 are safe and efficient lifting to and from offshore structures, for instance for the decommissioning of oil & gas platforms, furthermore the system can be used as well work overs, plug and abandonment works and as a supply platform, where turbine components are continuously supplied to an installation Jack Up offshore. The modular BM-T700 system can be mobilized on any kind of vessel, and is efficiently transported around the globe in a containerized way.


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