Motion compensated platform - BM-Feeder

Barge Master’s BM-Feeder is the solution for feedering the Next Generation Wind Turbines. This motion compensated platform with its scalable payload capacity is capable of feedering all Turbine components, including future generations WTG’s.

The new BM-Feeder platform is based on our existing BM-T700 systems, with a long track record in lifting, drilling and feeder operations.

Watch a movie of the BM-Feeder

The Barge Master BM-Feeder compensates at the base of the Turbine components for roll and pitch motions where a heave compensation solution in the hook assists in elimination of the heave motions.  

The motion compensated platform can be mobilized on any U.S. flagged vessel or barge, making it a Jones Act compliant solution.  

The BM-Feeder can operate in sea states of over Hs 2.0 meters, has a payload capacity of 700-1500 tons and will provide an increased workability of 40-60% more uptime during the installation of the turbines.

By combining our motion compensated Feeder platforms with existing US marine equipment, a Jones Act complient solution is created and CAPEX and OPEX are kept very low compared to other concepts.

This results in

  •          Cost reduction
  •          Local content
  •          Increased lifespan of the WTIV
  •          High availability
  •          CO2 reduction


BM-T700 motion compensated platform

Safe hook on and lift off

This motion compensated feedering offers four major benefits for your operation. It enables a controlled hook on and lift off by the crane of the Installation Jack-Up, by eliminating the vessel motions and keeping the components still.

After lift off it decreases the risk of re-impact, by eliminating the swing motion of the components, which would occur without motion compensation.

The BM-Feeder can operate in sea states of over Hs 2.0 meters; therefore it significantly increases the workability of the operation.

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