BM-MCH - Motion Compensated helideck

Barge Master has partnered with Bayards Aluminum constructions to develop the first aluminum Motion Compensated Helideck responding to critical issues associated with costly downtime of helicopter operations.

Bayards Aluminum Constructions is one of the world’s leading companies in engineering, design, fabrication and installations on complex lightweight and maintenance free aluminum structures with over 50 years of experience and an immense track record supplying aluminum helidecks. 



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The Motion Compensated Helideck (MCH) significantly increases safety and the operational window of offshore helicopter operations. This will eventually lower the total costs of the vessel operations.

Each motion compensated helideck will be designed to accommodate specific vessel and environmental requirements and will be engineered to operate to these standards.

Example specifications
Diameter23 m
Helicopter capacity


Operational envelope with a Barge Master


The Motion Compensated Helideck (BM-MCH) measures vessel motions and actively compensates roll, sway and heave by means of three hydraulic cylinders. The surge and yaw of the vessel can be constrained by using a dynamic positioning or a traditional anchor system. On larger vessels the pitch movements are minor and do not hinder the safety of a helicopter operation.

Compensated (Left) and constrained (Right) motions


The BM-MCH is a customized system and can be purchased to integrate into a new vessel or retrofitted to an existing vessel. 


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