Barge Master showcased in Maritime Museum

06 December 2016

Barge Master is part of the exhibition Brainwaves in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam, where five Dutch Maritime Innovations are on display.

The maritime industry is full of energy and new innovative ideas are emerging constantly to make the sector safer, faster and/or more cost-effective. The exhibition showcases five maritime innovations in shipping and shipbuilding.  As stated by the museum, it shows the ‘Brainwaves’ that are necessary to turn a brilliant idea into a brilliant product. 

Barge Masters motion compensation systems is one of these five innovative ideas selected for the exhibition. The motion compensation systems reduce costs and increase safety and workability offshore. In an interview shown at the exhibition Eelko May (Technical Director) talks about the difficulties and challenges that where encountered as well as the successes that where celebrated by the company over the last years. The creativity, perseverance and entrepreneurship that is needed in the development process to create an innovation that can be marketed successfully.  

The brainwaves exhibition has been co-produced with the Support Fund Foundation of the National Institute of Shipping and Shipbuilding (NISS). The NISS grants financial support to innovative projects and celebrates its 100 years existence. 

The exhibition can be visited in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam from the 1st of October 2016 until the 24th of September 2017. 

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