Barge Master CTO Eelko May speaker at Offshore Renewables Wind 2016 conference

28 November 2016

The CTO of Barge Master motion compensation systems, Eelko May will speak about “efficient turbine access for crew as well as cargo” at the Offshore Renewables Wind Conference in London. The conference will be held on the 6th and 7th of December in the America Square Conference Venue, with Barge Master as one of the main sponsors and exhibitors.

The Offshore Renewables Wind Conference brings together key content from 5 pre-existing conferences, bringing the whole supply chain into one event. The subjects at the conference will be ‘offshore accommodation and access vessels’, ‘construction, installation and heavy lift & transport’, ‘subsea power cable installation’, ‘operations and maintenance’ and ‘offshore substations and interconnectors’. The speakers at the conference will give new insight on the offshore wind industry. Following exciting offshore wind developments, new breakouts will bring exciting insight for renewed supply chain collaboration.

Stepless access for personnel as well as cargo

Eelko May will talk about how the innovative motion compensation systems of Barge Master can be used in offshore wind operations. With the new active motion compensated BM-Gangway, stepless transfer for crew as well as cargo can be used to access the turbine, reducing the cycle time in daily turbine maintenance. In combination with the motion compensated crane BM-T40 this significantly changes the way of operating in the offshore wind industry. Making it more cost effective and increasing the safety and workability. 

The talk of Eelko May will be on the 6th of December at 13:55, America Square Conference Venue, London. Barge Master can get you a 25% discount on your ticket to the Offshore Renewables Wind conference. To order your ticket click here

Eelko May receiving the 'spotlight on new technology' award at the OTC Houston 2016. Back to overview
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